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I can call my self lucky to have the opportunity to have bought a 6-head Ricoma. Thanks to the amazing experience with Ricoma I am looking to by another Ricoma single head...

Alban Tullumi



Great machine. Great customer service, always there for me when I had a question. Working on getting another one in the near future.

Vick Barriera



I love my Ricoma!!! THANK YOU \#teamricoma

Deserae Sandoval Cole



My husband did a lot of research on the Ricoma company, to learn that they build their own machine and machines for other companies. Right from the start, support and customer service was top notch.

Danielle Lawrence



Great machines. They have helped my business grow and are able to help me expand as needed.

Jeffery Wilson



I can't say enough great things about Ricoma. Jumping into the embroidery business we researched several different companies and decided on Ricoma and we are glad we did. At first, we were having some issues with our machinery, but when I say their tech support is 2nd to none, that is a big understatement. Always following up with any issues we had and making sure they were all resolved. Going the extra mile for your customers separates the good companies, from the great ones.

Juan Sanchez



I have to say, I have owned my ricoma machine for about 7 years. I bought it brand new for someone else who had never used it !!! I knew nothing about the operation of the machine.. I have had to contact Ricoma several times, and watch some of their webinars in the past.. I have been very satisfied with my machine and the service and friendly people that have helped me !!! Just recently I had trouble with a needle error, so I contacted ricomas support team.. I got an immediate response, and an appointment to fit my needs.. Henry Ma contacted me to assist in helping me fix my needle error. He was very help, patient, and very professional..He got me back and running in no time !!! Thank you !!!!!

Betsy Welch

My experience with Ricoma has been fantastic! The customer service has been even better! I was very new entering the embroidery business and with help from Ricoma, they have made it super easy! I have been able to FaceTime a technician named Sofia who tremendously helped me with tuning my machine to get the best possible performance out of it! We fixed the tension, thread, and made some adjustments in he settings to make sure my machine was running efficiently! Thank you Ricoma, I would recommend to anyone!

Cade Martin

DP Baseball


I am so thankful I purchased a Ricoma embroidery machine. The customer service is excellent as well as the technical support department. I have called them several times since I purchased my machine and they go above and beyond to answer any question I may have and help me solve whatever problem I may have. Thank you Ricoma!!!

Kim Vascocu Jarrett

All the employees from Ricoma are wonderful. I have called several time because I am simply a newbie and Sofia and her co-workers are the best!

Alfonso Trevino

Thanks to the great staff for excellent technical support!! I love my machine and am so glad I bought from this company!

Andrea Clarke

AWESOME CUSTOMER TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM!! This is my first embroidery machine, as we are growing, I am now getting ready for our second.

David M Estrella

All Boro Apparel, L.L.C.


Recently purchased a new MT series machine from Carlo and I must say the entire process was handled top notch from beginning to end, to afterwards. During the sales process Carlo was willing to answer any of the questions I had and while persistent he was not pushy. He was able to get a financing deal for me that was technically not in effect but made it easier on my budget. Since I'm local I picked up my machine on the upcoming Friday and Carlo arranged for me to do my training at their office at the same time. I was accompanied by another new client and the training was done by Sofia. If you haven't been trained by Sofia, you need to be trained by Sofia. She's amazing. What more can I say? At the end of the day it was time to pick up my machine and there were a lot of folks in the dock area willing and waiting to help load the machine. It is heavy so a lot of people were needed to load it, but it also made it appear as though there were a lot of people interested in myself and the other client becoming new owners of their equipment. Very pleased afterwards as well. I had run into a few minor issues once I got the machine home and support is always very quick to respond and their responses have been accurate and the issues were just my newness with the machine. Great purchase...great company...but only because of a great staff.

Doug Zimmer

Tech3 Design


Manny was such a great help! I was freaking out thinking something major was happening but got on FaceTime and he helped walk me through a very simple problem! Also he was very patient with me! Definitely wish I could give more stars!

Chandler Cummings

Very happy with the prompt response I received when I requested support. I was easily able to solve the problem. Thank you.

Maria De Maje

I emailed Ricoma for settings for my G frame all the way from South Africa and the responce was so quick. Easy to follow links and pics were sent so quickly. Well done Ricoma help centre.

Shazia Rosay Khan

Great machines customer service is second to none. Very happy with my purchase MT-1502.

Mark Willis

Premium Plus Printing


In Ricoma the people are very friendly and professional, we are very grateful for all the help given to our company, thanks Ricoma once again and all his staff.

Jose Quiñones

Xtremewave Enterprise L.L.C.


Training is so much better in person.

Michelle Ezzell

Total Vinyl Supply


Capable enough for provide correct info about product and process, a company, which is willing to sort out customer's problem and try to solve it.

Jayanta Saha
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“I chose Ricoma because of the way the company handles itself, their response to me and my needs. Ricoma met my budget better for what I wanted to do than any other. It’s a quality machine that will take care of my needs, last a long time and is backed by lifetime tech support. The machine has more features than I even knew it would have, yet it’s user-friendly. They’ve gone above and beyond what I expected. I’m already looking to buy another.”

- Aaron Stillwater

Cheer Gear USA

"I chose Ricoma embroidery equipment for several reasons. First of all, their pricing makes it possible to buy a two head machine for the price that other companies charge for a single head machine, allowing me to double the production for my investment dollar. 
Secondly, their D.I.S.C. digitizing software, support, and training allowed me to begin creating my own designs immediately. 
Finally, whenever I need a question answered, I can reach them seven days a week. For my investment dollar, Ricoma from Ricoma International Corporation was the right decision."

- Bernarda Huete

"This is the Stokes Family, we all wanted to take a moment (in between running our newly repaired machine) to thank all of you for once again giving us your outstanding support and service! You have this time as you have in the past stepped up and taken care of the problem and most of all kept us calm AND kept your promise to get the machine up and running. Our (POS) Viking is down for the third (forth?) time now. Their service department has had it longer than we have had it if you add up the total days. It cost us more than our Ricoma ANYWAY! We all wanted to thank all of you! Once again you have gone above and beyond and got the job done. Its like I'm working back at NASA again. Outstanding folks truly outstanding."

- Clayton, Theresa, and Brianne Stokes

Brianne Sew Crafty

"I've got great confidence now and feel so grateful I am a Ricoma customer. You, and Sofia, were overly patient and not frustrated with me, even though I was a definite drag on the training.
 In fact, I can't say enough nice things about the way I have been treated, and I feel so happy with my (first) purchase from you!
 Don't worry about the supplemental training. I'm sure I'll run into issues but I can call in for some quick help if I need it.
 Thank you again!"

- Michael McBride

Shuttle Gear

"The edges and lines on this now are so precise I'm embarrassed by what some of my earlier work may have looked like. So huge of a difference. I just can't believe what I am looking at as I am watching it. I know what the image looks like, I mean I designed it, I've seen it before, but it never looked like this. It's perfect. Perfect. Like on the screen as I designed it perfect. There is nothing that I will ever be able to say enough about that will ever cover how outstanding you and your department is. I could ramble on for hours and hours and not be able to find the right words or be able to say how grateful my family and I are. Where were you before we purchased that POS Viking?? We could of had two of these Ricomas! GEEZ!"

- Clayton Stokes

"We love our Ricoma machine. It works wonderfully. The staff at Ricoma has been awesome. Even when we call on a Saturday night, they’re super supportive. One time, not long after I got my machine, they actually sent someone out the same day when I needed assistance. Ricoma is a great company with a great machine."

- Angel Anderson

Sweet on Stitches

"My Ricoma is an amazing machine. The quality is insane. Increasingly, my clients have high quality images they want embroidered on caps. My machine produces the best quality; it’s top of the line. I really enjoy using it... Ricoma provides excellent service and training."

- Ben Cardozo

Brainwashed Headwear

"We have been offering embroidery with our products for several years. With the steady growth of our business, we needed more embroidery equipment. The technician that had been servicing our machines suggested by Ricoma embroidery machines. After comparing prices, we just ordered a six-head Ricoma machine to try. We were so satisfied with the quality and performance of the machine that we have since added on another six-head. Now we have twice as much embroidery capacity for our investment dollar as what was offered to us by some other suppliers. We would recommend Ricoma to anyone shopping for embroidery machines."

- Jerry Scheller

Special Products Group

"We are a screen-printing company from Panama. We decided to add embroidery in-house. After shopping around we found Ricoma to be affordable. We could not have afforded this much embroidery capacity from any other supplier. The quality of embroidery is at least as good as we were getting done by other embroiders. We are able to make more profit than if we had bigger payments offered by other embroidery machine suppliers."

- Robert Bernal


"I downloaded the D.I.S.C software demo from your website, played with it and then joined your weekly webinar hosted by Ken Parsons. The webinar is fun, informative, interactive and FREE. I also watch the training video and learned the software at my speed and time of convenience. I really like your D.I.S.C software. It is so easy to learn and to use. The digitizing quality is excellent. Some of the tools you have included in D.I.S.C are only available with some top brands for a few thousand dollars more. Now I am a proud owner of a Ricoma machine and software. Whenever I have a question, I always receive the reply within 2 hours. The customer training and support is second to none. "

- Susana Martin

Sew Beautiful in Stitches

"I want to share with you my success I have had since the purchase of my Ricoma RCM1501-PT machine and training seminar in Miami. Within the first 2 weeks, following the training seminar, I accomplished 4 embroidery orders totaling 200 t-shirts and 150 hats. My Ricoma machine performed without a problem. Everything went better than I ever imagined. I attribute this to the support and training I received from your sales and technical departments. As of today, I have logged a few million stitches on my machine and have embroidered over 1000s of garments. I have not had a single issue with my Ricoma machine. Matter of fact, as I mentioned, I am extremely pleased with both the training and support that Ricoma has provided me with. Your staff has been very knowledgeable and professional. I am very happy and excited about my new embroidery business and the confidence I have with my new machine and the support from Ricoma. I really appreciate your motto, “Only when our customers succeed with our products and services, can we succeed in our business! Thank you, and I look forward to a long term business relationship with your company. "

- Dawn Shaw

Shaw Embroidery

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the Ricoma machine we purchased a few months ago. I bought this machine for my wife's business, Sweet on Stitches, and have been impressed with the machine's capability. But more than that, your service has been exceptional. Please use me as a reference for any potential customer, I would be glad to tell them how pleased we are with your service."

- Mike Anderson

New Heights Alliance

"Thanks for speaking with me regarding the different items on the machine. I really appreciated it along with the offer of contacting you tomorrow for a "face to face" in the event that I was still not able to install the brackets -- that was really kind of you. I now look forward to my training, because if the trainers are half as nice as you have been to me, I'm sure I will come away with a wonderful experience. You definitely made my evening -- thank you again for your assistance."

- Rochelle Jenkins

I would like to thank Sofia for her help in training on the MT-1501. She was very professional and helpful. You were very patient with us and took your time to make sure that we understood every step to complete a project. Thanks again for everything. May God continue to bless you.

- Fannie Newton