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Introducing a new look inspired by our customers.

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New look ― same commitment

We’re Ricoma, and for many years, we’ve helped crafters and garment decorating businesses succeed with our products.
Having taken significant strides in our industry since our inception, we thought that it was about time to get a makeover that reflected our brand’s identity.

Here’s what to expect

We wanted more for our customers, so we started out with a few pretty cool features. Watch our feature-packed video on all of the awesome additions we made to our website!
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Profit calculator tool

We created a profit calculator that allows you to calculate your embroidery costs and profits using realistic data we’ve gathered during years in the industry.

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Distributor tools

Our new distributor portal provides distributors with all the materials and resources they need – all in one place.

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Resource download

Our new site allows you to access all of our manuals, parts books and more in one convenient spot.

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Virtual demos

You can now schedule a free virtual demo to chat with an expert and see our machines running in real time.

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Facebook help

All you need to know about embroidery is now in one place. Join our private Facebook group for advice from us and other embroidery professionals.

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Now, you can easily keep up with us on our events page, which features upcoming trade shows, courses, virtual demos and more.

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Compare tool

We’ve simplified the shopping experience with our new compare tool, which allows you to compare related products side by side.

Blog page

Keep up with us on Inside Embroidery, our embroidery blog that will feature the latest insider news, tips and more for embroidery professionals.

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Submit review

We want to hear what you think, so we created a review page to help us continue improving our products and services.

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